Where is the Local Buzz for the Redskins This Year?

Where is the Local Buzz for the Redskins This Year?

Last year, I wrote an article stating that I did not give a solid fuck about the Washington Redskins.  For some strange reason, it seems as if the general consensus from the normal NFL fandom in the DMV area seems to agree with your boy currently.  

It’s a weird time to be a Redskins fan…a weird time to be a football fan in general.  I understand all of the reasoning behind the lack of interest, I truly do, yet one thing that delusional Skins fans from every liquor store/cookout/message board etc would still bring the banter like none other.  It’s like a secret society us diehard Skins fans are.  We always find a way to try to find a slither of hope for that deep playoff run that never transpires.  I could always count on most Skins fans to fall in love with random free agent pickups, swoon over 4th round draft picks and bombard us all with the sice-ups of various players in training camp WITH accompanied video “evidence”  ala Terrelle Pryor last season and preseason games.  

There has been a severe lack of just those things this year.  

Its stunning in a sense, how people just don’t care about the team anymore.

I have friends that are season ticket holders and all they care about is the tailgate.  

Just think about that….this was a team that these same people used to be proud of.

Josh Norman...underachiever
Josh Norman. Underachiever.

Its a sad state of affairs for the franchise but this was a long time coming.  Multiple winning seasons from the Nationals (except this season), the Wizards being a perennial playoff team itself and most importantly, the Capitals bringing home Lord Stanley to DC, there is literally no buzz and it’s jolting.

As much as I am a “glass half empty” kinda guy when it’s dealing with this team, never would I have thought that this team would have literally zero buzz going into opening week.  Is it that the fans are just sickuv all of the random foolishness? Was the Kirk Cousins-to-Minnesota fiasco the end-all-be-all for some fans? Was the Alex Smith trade-and-sign enough to get the juices going? Is it the fact that the Redskins have zero players you would consider “dynamic talents” on the roster?  Whatever the reasoning, no one seems to care.

In a round-a-bout way, this may be a good thing for the franchise.  Maybe owner Daniel Snyder can finally realize that running a NFL franchise does not have to include rampant media leaks and overall pathetic front office behaviors. Maybe the franchise can acquire real talent that people can eventually and genuinely care about.  Maybe the team can draft a possible dynamic talent and that talented player not get hurt in the first preseason to be lost for the whole 2018 season as what happened to second-round running back Derrius Guice from LSU. 

The passion is gone.  Is it possible that things could change? Sure, and honestly, I can really see a solid under-the-radar season from the good guys.

But the team has to win, and win big. 

And that’s not happening this season unless most of the roster plays above their heads for the duration of the season.  We have seen this exact thing happen before to other franchises but we are not those other franchises.  Things don’t come that easily here in DC.  

I’m bracing myself for the bottom to drop.

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