Why Would We Want to See Floyd Mayweather in the Octagon?

Why Would We Want to See Floyd Mayweather in the Octagon?

Look, I love Floyd.

Well, I – and countless others – love what Floyd Mayweather has done with the sport of boxing via his business acumen and being able to deliver on his promises of victory no matter how boring the fights may have been in his illustrious career.

During last Saturdays’s Showtime -televised tripleheader headlined by Jarrett Hurd’s split decision victory over Erislandy Lara, while giving a ringside interview, Mayweather gave some subtle hints to Jim Gray about his future.  That future does not include the boxing ring anymore, as he is “retired” but it just may include the UFC Octagon.

“Retirement has been great, but as you know and everyone knows, I go in retirement, and I come back,” said Mayweather, who was last seen in the squared circle beating now ex-UFC champ Conor McGregor for win No. 50 in boxing. “It is possible I do come back, but if I do come back, it has to be in the octagon.”

Throughout his career, Floyd has been known for his candor and hyperbole so being the professional interview he is, Gray pressed him again and Mayweather responded, “Absolutely. If the money is right. You got to talk to Showtime, CBS. The money is going to be crazy. I can do whatever I want to do. I’m Floyd Mayweather.”


Well then.

It all sounds good in theory right?


Look, there would be only one reason to watch a 41-year old boxer make his debut in a totally different discipline of the combat sports – to watch him get pummled.

And he knows this.

Mayweather is a very smart and shrewd individual.  He absolutely knows that he is indeed The Bad Guy. The core fan base of UFC fans despise Floyd and “what he stands for”.  Why do you think the blatant money-grab of a fight with Connor McGregor was met with so much disdain from the UFC contingent? He is NOT one of them. He doesn’t stand for what they believe for and their adulation for a douchebag such as McGregor paints that picture very clearly.

Mayweather said all the right things last night so this fight looks like its going to happen in the very near future.  I would rather see Floyd end his storybook career as the undefeated Hall-of-Fame champion he is than whore himself out for another paycheck, no matter how hefty that bag is!

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