Worse vs Worst vs Worser – Grammar Lessons for The People

Worse vs Worst vs Worser – Grammar Lessons for The People

(The “I don’t usually post on Fridays… so you’re welcome” edition)




Worse vs. Worst vs. Worser

This one happens a whole lot. So lemme learn yall something real quick before you leave work to go to happy hour and you’re too drunk to care about grammar anymore.

Worse (adjective): of lower quality or the lower standard
Worst (adjective): the lowest quality or the lowest standard
Worser (nah, fam): this isn’t ever acceptable for use. Not even if you’ve spent the last 25 years in jail and you drink Steel Reserve for breakfast and wear stocking caps made out of old pantyhose with the little ball on top.

Use worse when you’re comparing two things with each other.
Her weave smelled worse than her breath.
This means that, between her breath and her weave, her weave smelled worse.
Donald Trump is worse than Hillary.
Skinny Gucci is worse than old Guwop. #freefatGucci
You get the point.

Use worst when you’re comparing three or more things with one another.
This is the worst wig you have ever worn.
This means that your ass done wore a lot of wigs, but this one is the worst one of all of them.
(You should probably stop wearing it…)
Donald Trump is the worst presidential candidate of all time.

Use worser… never. We can add worser to our “nah, fam” list. Let yall’s pastors and aunties know that there is no such thing as worser. Not even for people who live in the country and own no shoes and walk 23 miles uphill in the snow to get to school.

This post was actually inspired by Beyonce.

In “Hold Up,” she says, “What’s worst, looking jealous or crazy?” And my skin crawls every single time. Why? Because according to the rules of grammar, she should be asking what’s worse, as she is comparing two things– jealous and crazy.

She needs me on her writing staff. But I digress.

One more time for the people in the back who are still confused about that woman who went on the news and said that racism didn’t exist until President Obama took office:

Worse: the lower quality between two things
Worst: the lowest quality between three or more things
Worser: no. Stop chain smoking Newports and squatting into jail poses every time someone wants to take a picture of you. You’re free now. You can use proper English and take pictures standing up.

Got it, beloved?

Great. Happy Friday. Have a drink for me. I’d indulge, but the way my stomach is set up…


I’m saving the world one sarcastic grammar post at a time. Share the post. Join the movement.

Today’s peeve was brought to you by the Queen Bey herself. I love her music but I be sick of her shit. Got a peeve for the people? Let me know.




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