Yippee Ki Yay: Holiday Hunger at Bay.  The Sequel

Yippee Ki Yay: Holiday Hunger at Bay. The Sequel

What’s mighty, my friends!

Welcome to another thrilling episode of Indomitable.  Guess what….Thanksgiving is on the horizon. You know what means? Christmas and New Year’s Eve are right around the corner. Yes, your favorite Yuletide Trilogy arrives on it’s mighty ebon-skinned horse riding down the mighty straightaway of things like presents, days off, family, festivities and food.  That means calories…a constant cornucopia of consumables run wild. A gargantuan gaggle of goodness that includes your favorite holiday dishes, Egg nog with or without libations, Cake,  stuffing, butter, sugar.

As fun as the holidays can be, if you’re not careful, unwanted pounds may advance upon you and claim your territory of a waistline much like the vicious army of Uruk hai (Super orcs… Google orcs lest you be an uncultured uncouth knave) in the famed battle of Helms Deep.



What does this mean? It means you’ll get fat if not careful and since no one wants to hear how fat you are in January  I’ll gladly help you) we’re going to revisit strategies here so that you can minimize the damage or utilize the incoming onslaught of calories.

If you’re not privy to my first amazing article on the fight of the festivius, then click here… 

We’ll divide this into two categories… Exercise and Eating.To lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit through training and diet.  Despite the superfluous swindles that are said via all forms of media and people…there still is no magic way to weight loss, it’s still just plain ole diet and exercise…calories in vs calories out. Your body literally will not get fatter or leaner from the choice.  If anyone says otherwise, they’re either ignorant, or trying to sell you something. “Detoxes” and “Cleanses” are throw around for people to feel elite, but mostly all these things are doing is detoxing you from some money, or cleansing your wallet.  You’re really just making a sprint to the toilet.  Yeah…

Anyway to exercise…

You should be in the gym anyway.  If you’re not…go sign up. My gym happens to have specials and free passes… you can get them right here!


Physical activity is self explanatory…physical activity.  Whether monotonous mundane Cardio, Resistance Training ( the way of the warrior), playing ball, football outside, boxing,MMA, or running, they all burn calories. Some more than others. A few extra minutes, or training sessions can do wonders.

Building muscle…


The Fall/Winter time is typically known as “bulking season.”  A great time to lift heavier and put on some quality mass.  Bump up the weights and get more dates.  I say, put more focus into the performance goal vs the aesthetics goal.  It’s healthier for your sanity.  Focus on getting better at your deep squats (deep as in below parallel. Not what you think depth is, your deadlifts, your bench, overhead press and big body compound movements.  Compound movements hit more than one muscle group at a time.  This is where the strength and size will ultimately come from.  Start hitting those weighted pull ups and weighted dips.

Ladies, you can some add some size too. You won’t get fat if you up the calories a bit and lift heavier. This is where that big booty magic will come from…heavier squats, deads, hip thrusters, lunges, and all those compound lifts that will over time give you that bodacious bunda you’re after. Whatever you’re doing ladies and gents, add a bit more weight too it.

It doesn’t have to be ridiculous (use your judgement…unless you lift like a pansy, then in that case use someone else’s safer qualified science backed judgement. How do I know if I lift like a pansy?  Well do you quarter squat? Are you one of those, “I quarter to focus on my quads?” Do you say, I can’t fade “that heavy stuff?” Yeah you’re a wuss. This has nothing to do with the people who simply like lighter weight).

Keep it controlled.

You don’t want to get hurt and you always want to use full range of motion.  Full range of motion works more muscles. More muscles worked…boom..profit.  ALL this comes from an intake of calories.  My personal advice is to slowly bulk, you won’t gain 30 lbs of pure muscle in a few months…unless…you…do…drugs…so yeah.

All that stuff online about creating godly amounts of muscle in a short time for people that aren’t beginners is either a scam, ignorant, or is with drugs.  That’s fine if you’re realistic, but most likely you’re probably drug free reading this.  I just want you to have realistic expectations. I advocate slow bulk because, you’re less likely to go overboard and get fat, making your cut easier.

Cutting this season? (Currently me-ish)

If you’re cutting, I still advise you to lift the same – lifting heavier preserves muscle.  All that high reps for getting cut just makes you weaker and good at lifting light.  I have nothing against high reps for accessory lift, strength endurance and pump work.  All that is for the purpose of performance and strategic hypertrophy (muscle growth with pump work in short).  You just have to be a bit diligent on the caloric intake/output.  Maybe add some extra activity as you see fit. No matter what, focus on performance.


Summation of this part of the article.

Holidays = more food.  More food = more size.  Size is good. Lift heavy with more food for size

Holidays = more food.  Getting lean = diet.  Focus on caloric intake. Still lift for performance. Boom.  Boom = profit.


Here’s the more diet portion of the article


There’s no way around it.  You must use discipline. Triple time if you don’t exercise.  If you’re diet is unchecked…you (clap) will (clap) get (clap) fat (clap).

Let’s say this out loud for the readers in the back.

If you’re diet is unchecked…you (clap) will (clap) get (clap) fat (clap). 

If you don’t track your diet now, (You should be privy to tracking through my critically acclaimed award winning article on Macros, click here.) then you are in for a world of trouble.  You are literally tying a blindfold over your face, and jumping off the diving board and hoping you don’t dive into those alligators, sharks, and hippos (yes hippos) below. I both command, compel, beseech and berate you to utilize some form of food tracking.  At the least be mindful of what you eat.

A picture representation of how you look without tracking (gambling)

Image result for jumping off the roof blindfolded


Can I enjoy food?

Yes! Like I’ve said numerous times, and to quote my dude Rashad Mitchell, the greatest living athlete alive and my strength sensei “Splurge but don’t binge.”  Enjoy but don’t go overboard.  I know food taste good.  Very good. However you don’t need to eat that 5th piece of cake.  It’s not going to taste that much different.  This will be hard, however discipline and will power  >>>>>>> food restriction.

No one cares if you lost weight eating a salad.  If you’re a man, why are you even ordering a salad that doesn’t come with an entree?  How do you sound “I had such a great 15-20 dollar salad today…” I can’t think of anything more testosterone deficient (I can but whatever) for a grown adult non college man to do.  Are they a dollar or something?  You really just have to cultivate that discipline.  Note * – you most likely will overdo it a bit…keyword a bit.  That’s totally fine.  These meals are not frequent. They’re backed with family, friends and great festivities.  You better enjoy that food.  How often will you eat that cheesecake, pecan pie, egg nog (Ambrosia) , and dope delicacies.  Not that often.  To quote Tony Baker and his awesome usage of animals….”go ahead and dabble in it.”

Selective intake

You don’t have to eat everything in sight.  People have dishes that slum and are also overrated. Don’t overeat that stuff but don’t be rude either. What I’ll do is focus on food I like.  I’ll trade starch for cake or something.  Mac-n-Cheese for something else.

*I’m not a big fan of mac-n-cheese unless my brother makes it.  He makes it better than you’re grandmother. Just about everything he cooks is better than what you’ll make. No, I’m not going to ask him to make it for you. Nah, I’m really not though.

Focus on the fun stuff.  Stay away from rolls if you’re not a fan of rolls.  Why? Does bread make you fat? No. You just want to save the calories.  Save the juice for the alcohol.  Drink water and THEN get inebriated. Drink alcohol straight if you can. Less calories. When I go to summer cookouts, all I really eat is animal flesh, watermelon and dessert. I may eat a bit of starch if it’s dopeness. It’s literally the same strategy but modified for winter wonderland.  Do you drink soda? Drink a diet one or limit your intake. Do you righteously turn your nose at soda but drink juice? Well…calories are calories buddy, vitamins and minerals aside….verily I say it doesn’t matter on your waistline. Just be careful because carbonated beverages can fill you up.  Focus on what’s important here.  That’s food that taste good.

Strategically plan your intake at gatherings.  Got two events in one day?  Well don’t eat everything. Happy Hours, holiday parties, and all that will require extreme diligence.  Eat before you go out if you’re goal is more so being social vs being satiated.

Summary of food and discipline in two words

Be careful.


Bill Walker is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), one of the top recognized agencies in the country.  He’s also a Youth Fitness Coach in Washington DC. To set up an appointment or inquiry contact him at [email protected]

Instagram: @BilliusMaximus929

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