YO, WHAT SIZE THOSE J’s – Kicks Movie Review

YO, WHAT SIZE THOSE J’s – Kicks Movie Review

Special guest contributor Duane Face was privileged to check out the latest, critically acclaimed film”Kicks”.  Here is a short review of the film, in his words.



When a person’s shoes are stolen, they are gone.  Forever.

Kicks is the story of a kid that decides to get them back.

The Justin Tipping and Joshua Beirne-Golden movie follows an adolescent trio that is a true representation of average kids in a low-income town.  A movie for all ages to enjoy, Kicks works really well as a date movie.  Expect shoulder brushes, eye-locks with raised eyebrows during comedic quips and unified headshakes during unfortunate circumstances.  Avoiding the predictable, Tipping and Beirne-Golden’s story has a slow build of suspense that keeps control of your attention.

Fans of Queen Sugar, Luke Cage and Notorious will be pleased to see fan favorites delivering believable performances to support the story.  Outside of sparse daydream sequences, there isn’t much needed to suspend disbelief.  The daily routines followed in the story can easily take place in the town you call home.

Movie Rating:  Kicks is worth the price of two tickets, gummy worms and a giant water bottle – or two separate bottles if it’s a first date.

Other Stuff:  With the title ‘Kicks’ I was expecting an action movie, anchored by the star power of Draymond Green , or Jean-Claude Van DammeOr Both.  An NBA player once teamed with action star Van Damme for the cult classic film Double Team.  Maybe it’s time for ‘Double Team 2’.  Or ‘Triple Team’.



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